¡Bienvenidos Bem Vindos
a Oniria Language Studio!

Here you will find more than just a language school.
We offer you a genuine cultural experience in a friendly and relaxed environment where you will be able to learn and perfect your Spanish and Portuguese skills whilst also enriching your awareness and appreciation of Spanish and Portuguese food, art, music, cinema and history.


Rafael was born in Brazil to Argentinian parents, and holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree having major experience in Social Anthropology, language teaching and communication skills. He was accredited a University license for teaching and has been an Australian citizen since 2010…

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Cultural Calendar

Discover a rich social calendar so you can participate in film, music and culinary events.

⇒ On the second Saturday of the month at 7 PM we have a Tertulia* as an OPEN and FREE EVENT for our students and also for people interested in practicing and learning Spanish!

We regularly screen short films (fiction/animation/documentaries) from different Latin American countries and learn about the directors. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy and learn more about Latin Music and chat with other people learning Spanish. If you like you can bring nibbles + BYO.

* Tertulia:  (Spanish: [terˈtulja]) is a social gathering with literary or artistic overtones, especially in Iberia or in Latin America. Tertulia also means an informal meeting of people to talk about current affairs, arts, etc. The word is originally Spanish (borrowed by Catalan and Portuguese), but it has only moderate currency in English, used mainly in describing Latin cultural contexts (Wikipedia).

⇒ On the Last Saturday of the month at 6:30 PM LATINO FILM FESTIVAL CINE VIVO presents: “SUMMER FILM SESSIONS” as a community centered event for people interested in Latin American cinema, music, dance and food!

For more details please check our calendar above and book soon your entry!

Oniria Language Studio has proudly supported great musicians from South America to tour in Australia and meet Aboriginal Musicians! Check the previos tours!

  • León Gieco Australian Tour 2014 – pdf
  • Jaime Torres Australian Tour 2015 – soon with pdf

We also support and sponsor cultural events in our community such as the Latin American Film Festival Cine Vivo.